The attraction, color & glitz of neon is second to none. Whether you’re in need of new Neon, replacing old, or repairing your Neon signs, we can accommodate your needs.

Real Glass Tube Neon Signs:

We use real genuine neon which is handcrafted by an experienced neon glass bender so your neon signs are absolutely perfect. There is nothing better to attract new customers than having a brightly glowing neon sign displayed in your windows or hanging on your walls. From businesses to personal use, no other signage can draw attention like neon. On top of all that, neon signs can be left on 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year…year after year. There is no other from that has the visual and stimulation impact of real neon.

The first step in creating your custom neon sign is taking your ideas and plotting them on a fire resistant stencil. This will allow our master tube benders to properly and accurately bend neon tubes into the right shape and design for your sign. Once the glass has been molded we vacuum suck all the air from the tubes and pump gas inside to create the “glow”. We test the connections and off the ends. At this point, we need to dip the back of your custom sign into black glass paint to help the lettering and design stand out. Once dry, we then mount the sign into a black or clear backing and wire in the transformer to power your new sign.

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